The Polo Shirt

The Polo Shirt was long reported to have been invented by the founder of the brand that sported his surname and former number one tennis player of his time, Jean Rene Lacoste.  Tired of the attire worn by the tennis players of the time he went about revolutionising the top he wore to give him the edge over his competition.

Since then it has evolved, from the tennis court to an everyday essential, from pique cotton to athletic-hybrid technology.

So, why has it become such a cornerstone of a man's wardrobe?

Personally, I believe it is all to do with its versatility.  You can throw it on in the morning and no matter what the day throws at you, you can rest assured you are wearing suitable attire.  Tucked or untucked, collar up (although I advise against it!) or collar down, with a pair of jeans or a pair of chinos, on the golf course or at a pub, with shoes or trainers - the list goes on but you are hard pressed to find an everyday situation it does not support.  This is why it was so imperative to create a polo shirt collection so early on at The Gent.  Not wanting to veer too far away from tradition it was important to maintain the classic pique cotton fabric with the attention fixed on addressing the fit of the polo.  Although Jean Rene Lacoste was an elite athlete of his day there was not so much emphasis on physique and vanity as there is in the 21st century.  The cut has largely remained the same over the years so we decided to just shorten and lighten the sleeves to accentuate the upper arm and create a broader appearance.  The sleeves hug but do not strangle the arms and sit comfortably allowing the wearer to move his arms freely.  The collar has reverted back to a more 20th century style, firmer and button-down to offer structure to the polo shirt and provide further versatility in more formal occasions.

Jean Rene Lacoste - thank you for your wonderful gift to men's fashion and we hope you appreciate our modern adaptation of your classic polo shirt.