What does The Gent stand for?

Who is The Gent?


"The Gent", the logo that adorns all our products, is the silhouette of a gentleman tipping his top hat. His face does not show, there are no discerning features.

All our social media images and press releases never show the face of the model. Why? Simply because we do not want to stereotype The Gent - his age, the colour of his eyes, his hair, his height, his build etc. Anyone and everyone can be The Gent. It has nothing to do with the way you look, it has everything to do with the way you act.


Wearing The Gent of London is a visual representation of the characteristics you hold yourself accountable by wearing the brand.







These 5 characteristics are the cornerstone of The Gent of London. As The Gent grows in popularity, people will come to know and appreciate this of the brand and as they see you sporting The Gent they will come to understand the morals and ethics you uphold as an individual.


Happy shopping all.