The Gent of London's first product

The Richmond Shirt.

This was the product that I first imagined.

The dress shirt was once a staple in every man's wardrobe and yet over time we are seeing them less and less as society opts for a more casual attire both in the work place and socially.

The concept was simple - make the shirt appeal to the masses once again.  Make it so it could be both smart and casual at the same time.  There is still a place for a woven cotton shirt in society and I am very much an advocate of them but modern men require a fit and fabric that compliments their lifestyles and thus pique cotton was the obvious choice.

Identifying the best fabric and ensuring the correct fit was something I spent a long time over as they are both dependant on the other.  Sharper shoulders were created to accentuate the broadness of the shoulders, the sleeves slightly tighter to draw attention to the upper arms, and the length of the shirt was altered slightly to allow it to be worn both untucked and tucked.  The softer pique cotton falls on the body in a very natural and comfortable way and with the added stretch of the material it allows it to contour the body and hug the areas males want it to hug!

To me there is nothing greater than a crisp white shirt, whether it be woven or pique cotton.  It's simple, it can be worn with just about anything and is an essential item in every man's wardrobe.  I never wanted to replace the shirt, just reimagine it and the Richmond has done just that.