Starting The Gent of London clothing brand

A question often asked of anyone starting a business is “why?”

Well, here at The Gent it is relatively simple - we wanted to bring clothes to the market that we ourselves like to wear.  After all, if we like them then surely everyone else does too, right?

It started out as a bit of a pipe dream back in 2016 with a notebook and a pen.  No fashion experience, no real business experience either but a genuine passion for presenting ourselves in the correct manner.  We didn't want to continue to buy the same brands we always had and thus be associated with what they stood for, we wanted to create a brand that spoke our language.

How could we create a brand that spoke to the world?

With that in mind we began our journey.

The Gent of London identifies itself by a simple silhouette of an English gentleman wearing a top hat.  Why?  It is easily identifiable as depicting that of a gentleman, a man of good standing and notoriety.  When you see the logo you immediately think British, English, man, gentleman.  You think Charles Dickens.  You think Victorian London, you think the Royal Family.  Everything about it shouts Gent.  And that is what we wanted.

So, we have the name and we have the logo - now what?

Products!  This was easy to be honest as we knew from the off what we wanted to offer but the road to creating the product and products we offer you today took an exceedingly long time but this is what is required, to offer garments that we ourselves are happy and do wear on a daily basis.  You can read about the individual products in our other blog posts.

We have so many amazing ideas either in production or ready to bring to market at a later date but for now we are eager to see how our redefined traditional shirts and polo shirts fair in the fickle and critical fashion industry.

What started as the pipe dream all those years ago is now on the verge of launching.  The website and thus the brand is ready to be revealed to the world and as I write this as the owner and founder of The Gent of London I just wonder what will become of this brand as I set off on this incredibly scary but potentially life changing journey not only for me but my family and with any luck others all over the world.