Where have all the gentlemen gone?

We often hear it don't we.......


"Describe your perfect man."

"Oh, he'd be tall, dark, handsome - a gentleman."


Nowadays we often describe our fathers or grandfathers as being gentlemen and rarely look at our peers or notable modern day "celebrities" as possessing the characteristics of holding such a title, which begs the question - where have all the gentlemen gone?


Believe it or not, gentlemen are all around us each and every day however they are overshadowed by the "bad boy" image the media seem to sensationalise.  In order to answer the question of "Where have all the gentlemen gone?" we must first delve into "What is a bad boy?"


A "bad boy" is often described as someone whose rebellious nature makes him attractive towards females with their supreme confidence to not conform towards societal standards being a major contributing factor. The old adage "Nice guys finish last" is often thrown around to further support the ideology of the bad boy.

The media's depiction of the bad boy is often the non-conformist, trying to draw attention to themselves. This mystery, their outcast nature and the opportunity for the potential suitor to manage, nurture and bring them back in line with societal ideals makes for an interesting and exciting case study. However exciting the beginning of the story may be unfortunately the fairytale never has a happy ending as a constant want to defy often leads to a clash. It is often at this point that a gentleman is desired.


So, what is a gentleman - reliable, dedicated, a person of integrity, confident and well-mannered.

Modern media has once again drawn a picture of a gentleman as old fashioned, somewhat boring which is probably why the idea of being a gentleman is so off-putting to the modern generation.

As a brand, The Gent wants to bring back the idea of being a gentleman and with a wardrobe befitting one. It is not about dinner suits and ties but comfortable basics that support the modern world we live in.  Smart-casual dress codes are regularly misinterpreted therefore The Gent creates products that perfectly support this - both smart and casual meaning you are never caught short. As suitable in the office as they are on a night out or simply in the comfort of your own home.


The Gent is a brand to make the wearer feel confident. Wearing "The Gent" upon the chest, as with all the clothes, is a testament to the values one strides towards and is a true symbol of being a Gent.


If you want to be seen as a Gent, be seen wearing The Gent.